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i can figure it out, just i dont know what it is called in the engine subcool, its not one of the standard ones yea, i think thats it subcool, check the video card drivers on the box it says its intel i dont have the box right now, i wasnt sure. open the box and check ah its on the floor at my moms.. can be any number of things reisio, got a card in mind intel ok, thatnks. i just havent seen my moms in weeks, but thats not my problem. bazhang: the problem is that it's not official, and not available for everyone reisio, not even from intel? nope intel's got the parts on sale right now for free but that's not the problem the problem is that there's a script/kernel module that's not "official" which you'd have to write yourself and then compile it reisio, has the script been made public? bazhang: mm? reisio, the script/module reisio, I was asking if the script is written out weird, im looking in the software center and it doesnt exist subcool: probably not in precise, if they haven't done an SRU bazhang: they made that script, I'm not sure what it actually is, though im on xfce4.10 how do i find a sru package? oh



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No Recoil Script Cs 1.6 Download umaydarc

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